Welcome to the website of Education Standards of America, a nonprofit organization focused on education improvement and reform, particularly in Minnesota, which had long been a leader in education.

Our most immediate programmatic focus is addressing proposed regulations that would harm teaching. We are needed to bring court action to step in to stop these poorly done teaching proposals. More information is available about our current 2023 programs, here, which includes troublingly developments with school boards' substituting closed-meeting appointed committees for open-meeting school board deliberations.

The teaching regulations issue is with the Minnesota Professional Educators Standards & Licensing Board (PELSB), which is in the process of attempting to move ahead with harmful regulations.

These "Rules" from PELSB have been attempted outside the of necessary requirements, including the need to have informed all teachers. This proposed measure (R-4615) would admittedly decrease teaching standards for teachers and would otherwise harm children with mandates to practice experimental psychoanalytical intrusions, et cetera.

While many fear PELSB is moving ahead, it is a fact that the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) relied upon fraudulent representations of the Minnesota Statutes in its recent published evaluation (largely supportive) of the proposed PELSB regulation--having ignored our warnings about this risk of erring.

We a preparing immediate legal action to defend teachers', parents', childrens', and Minnesotans' rights and could use your support and advocacy. Please explore our site and share or donate.

Our PELSB-WebCenter content presents public interest information about this important case.

Thank you for your consideration.

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