Fraudulent Rebuttal Against Our Argument

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As a direct rebuttal to our broad notice of the evidence clearly controlling PELSB was not authorized to do this rulemaking, PELSB tried to mask the issue by claiming victory via a bogus citation.


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Dysfunction growing from imbalance of the separated powers
A graphical control element comprising a vertically stacked list of elements. An accordion is similar in purpose to a tabbed interface, a list of items where exactly one item is expanded into a panel to reveal additional information.
20 years old, therefore disregard it without evaluation
Accordions are a smart way to present lengthy bodies of text to your users without overloading them with information. Since information from only one panel is revealed at a time, users can choose and focus on the details that matter most to them.
Pedagogy does not expire
Why is my accordion being hidden behind other elements placed below it?
If another element is placed on a layer that is above the layer of the text accordion, the text accordion will appear tucked beneath it. Simply move your text accordion to a higher layer so it is above other elements.
Newer common core model forbidden more than authorized

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