Education Standards for America (ESA) is a nonprofit organization controlled by civic leaders standing as its Board of Directors, which includes experienced elected officials of the Minnesota Senate and Judiciary. We are sustained by volunteer efforts, in part, and otherwise by donations from the public. We are commited to serving public purposes and comply with all regulations. "Education Standards" and "Minnesotans for Legitimate Education Standards" are program names of Education Standards of America.

The purposes of ESA all pertain to education. Most of the program is educating about education--and related matters such as pedagogy and regarding government (pertaining to education).

The increasing neglect of reading, writing, and arithmetic skills is the result of an education system that has lost focus what education is and what government's education responsibilities are.


The Minnesota Constitution asserts in Article 13 § 1 that a, or the, foremost duty of the Legislature is to see that all generations of Minnesotans have access to education that will enable them to harness their "intelligence," as a populace of Minnesota--warning that an intelligent populace is a necessary foundation for our system of government.

That powerful political demand from the Minnesota Constitution was based in a view of those times, of the founding of Minnesota (the late 19th Century), as being an era of expanding access to learning, which they viewed as directly opposite of the depths of the dark ages, when knowledge of even quite simple mathematics was restricted from the populace, in much of civilization.

All Minnesota's children need access to schools that develop academic skills that enable them to be life-long learners who can decipher facts and who can adapt our farm, factory, and office production to next generation technologies, high-functioning services, and the global marketplace opportunities.

The difference between teaching and indoctrination is an important one. It is a scientific truth that there can be the determination of facts about whether trainings and teaching can objectively be understood to endow the development of skills in students and where, on the other hand, trainings and teachings are objectively not academic material nor academic skills-development, in nature. Such determinations of fact are fit substance for adjudication in the courts of law, and we shall vigorously act for the improvement of education systems, the redress of abuses and corruption, and the defense of parents' rights.

Distinguishing that which is academic and that which is otherwise is critical to just regulation that both fulfills the constitutional prerogative and which gives appropriate regulation and liberty to other matters.

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You can contact us at (651) 505-3111 or info@mnstandards.org

Education Standards of America operates under all Treasury and State regulations applicable to nonprofit entities.