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PELSB Would Harm Diversity

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The current diversity pedagogy-standards also have a function defining "cultural compentency training" required of techers, other school employees, and parents or members of the public engaging in schools.

PELSB R-4615 would modify the definition of "cultural competence" by greatly expanding the number of ways a person could be at fault.

What results is an inherently capricious measurement that could be used adversely against essentially anyone. Anyone or everyone could be said to fail. At the same time, true and balanced diversity, seeing the other in one's shoes, is restricted; the proposal seeks to create imbalances of rights under "intersectional," "antiracist" "critical theory."

Click, here, to view the current diversity standards. It is right to ask, where is the problem, "transgender students" are protected, "systemic racism" awareness is discussed and reflected upon, "gender identity" is protected: "Training programs must be designed to deepen teachers' understanding of their own frames of reference, the potential bias in these frames, and their impact on expectations for and relationships with students, students' families, and the school communities."

Together, this definition of "cultural competency training" at Rules 8710.0310 Subpart. 1(D) with its inclusion of the current "Diverse Learners" pedagogy standards, i.e. "Subpart 4 Standard 3, diverse learners" provide better diversity training than the proposal, which is seeks not understanding by retributive prejudice under theories of toppling systemic heteronormativity, et cetera.

The proposal seeks to facilitate capricious abuse via this matter of law and regulation that are supposed to protect from abuse.

Acrimonious situations are not conducive to discussion and exchanges between persons that increase understanding. When one can be fired for failiing to sufficiently "affirm" an identity, a teacher must operate with a booby trap in the classroom--displeasure or dissatisfaction of any student can be enough for the student to accuse a teacher of failure to "affirm" an identity.

As is inherently ready for any court's notice, there is no standard for failure to "affirm" or failure to be "culturally responsive." Any student claiming to be offended is set to be treated as a failure to affirm a student or be culturally responsive to the student.

Laws, regulations, and standards are not to be written articulation's of the authors desires and wishes for measures to facilitate their priorities, to the extent the rights and liberties of others would imminently be infringed in the real world application of the measures.

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