Book time with David, our CEO, to discuss your mission idea, continue a project, or troubleshoot:

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Minute Format

Detail to include

Learn about ESA and what we and partners do



Recommend or request a potential project for ESA or partner consideration


Problem to be Solved

Get access or reconnect to SharePoint (lost item?)


Issue / your email address

Meet about an ongoing project or continue with ESA (including websites, videos, and document briefing)


Updated directive

Discuss website issues, ideas, or place work orders


Category or description

Larger technical issue beyond access, etc.


Details & maybe screenshots

  • Are you seeking to change a school board decision, matter, or policy?

    • State-of-the-art petitioning actions and grassroots organizing support is available.
    • Research and comparative analysis are fostered or available.
  • Do you need to improve pedagogy or school administration?

    • Let's partner as needed to identify solutions or innovation.
  • Is a school board or district not complying with law?
    • We can support or coordinate with charitable, leading, or your personal attorneys.
    • There are alternative enforcements to district court and many violations need system redress by the courts or other complaint.
  • How can we share your struggle, story, cause, or lessons with others via a designed website?

    • We design for function and mission keeping the most creative options open.
    • Should we fix or rework a web part?
  • Do you need help with subscription management or teacher, parent, or admin resources?
  • Are you willing to TikTok videos, support production, or research with a team?
  • Will an email suffice?
    • For troubleshooting outside of a project team, we could discuss a need to meet.
    • Email to discuss time budgeting/estimation for projects/troubleshooting/problem solving.
  • Is there a cost for service/meeting?

    • We are donor supported and under-funded to maximize return value. There is a tremendous amount of work saving for taxpayers and fostering capability. All are invited to donate (as confidentially as you may require) from an individual, business, or organizational account or funds. See our About page for related information for donors.